Low company «AutoAdvocate Chernykh and partners»  provides support for foreigners in Ukraine. 

         Living here, foreign citizens face various problems due to the lack of communicative competence, especially when they have to communicate with police officers and representatives of law enforcement bodies at the streets and in the court. The absence of knowledge of Ukrainian law and low fluency in the Ukrainian language cause different troubles. Having encountered legal disagreements, we may see the necessity to acquire driving documents (vehicle registration office or driving license or car insurance extension (insurance policy and green card).

         Moreover, foreign citizens quite often get into confusing circumstances when accidents happen especially when other drivers or pedestrians get injured. If the above-mentioned accidents lead to moderate bodily harm ( for example bone fractures or concussions) or even to the death, it will be counted as a criminal case according to the 286 articles Criminal Code of Ukraine, so the help of a lawyer who is qualified in car accidents is essential because 286 article specifies a penalty of imprisonment and revocation of driver’s licenses.

       Years of experience in provisioning lawyers services for foreign citizens, we have encountered a great number of situations when the police draw up a report on the account of administrative offense only if a person doesn’t agree to pass the check to determine the state of alcohol or drug intoxication  (130 article Administrative Code of Ukraine — drunk driving). Foreign citizens get in trouble due to the lack of information and police officers don’t explain constitutional rights properly, so as a result each person is not rightfully checked while all procedural norms are being violated, especially when it comes to the check in the medical institutions. Hence, the majority of such cases end up with a filed report and long-lasting litigations. The implied administrative punishment is also quite serious — a fine of 10200 UAH with revocation of driver’s licenses for 1 year.

       In addition, there are problems with the insurance coverage for drivers civil liability, particularly when you apply to the court about to reparation of material and moral damage that was caused to participants of the accidents, as well as to reimburse court costs. It is essential to carry out expert examination for legal proceedings along with auto technical expertise and as you may suppose foreign citizens can’t solve it on their own.

       As a result, if you are tending to protect your rights and avoid obvious violations in different institutions, AutoAdvocate company will provide you with a detailed consultation and clarifications and together we can create a guideline of actions for each particular situation. Our lawyers speak English, Russian and Ukrainian and surely great experience in representing foreign citizens in the court enables us to successfully close criminal cases.

        Our offices are located in Kiev and Kharkiv, yet our lawyers also may be involved in distant consultations via Phone, Viber, Skype, Telegram and other messengers.

       The set of legal services for foreign citizens vary from one-time consultation to the full legal representation and guidance at the police offices, court proceedings and migration institutions.

       As for the costs of our services, it strongly depends on the complexity of the lawsuit, the number of legal documents that should be applied and the involvement of experts, so please contact us and we will provide you with all details. 

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